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Scot Lenhard
(509)324-8200 opt. 3

I was born and raised in Deer Park. While living in this area my whole life, I have been a part of Sales for over 30 years. I have been married for 39 years and have loved being a husband, parent, and grandparent. In enjoying the great outdoors I have found my interests are to be on the ocean, fishing, and hunting.

Phil Agnew
(509)324-8200 opt. 3

While working at Foothills for 29 years I have always enjoyed meeting people. Who wouldn't? Buying at Foothills is Fun! While I am not meeting people at work, I am on the golf course, with my family, or enjoying cars.

Gene Petrie
Used Sales Manager
(509)324-8200 opt. 3

Brent Wheeler
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2215

Amongst enjoying more outdoor sports and events, I do enjoy meeting new people. Being light-hearted and easygoing, you can expect no high-pressure sales experience from me.

Jensen Thomas
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2214

As an Eagle Scout, I bring the same honesty and integrity I learned in the program to every customer I interact with. After working at Foothills for 3 years and counting, I find the most enjoyable part of my job is to find the perfect car for my customers. When I'm not helping people with their next car adventure, my interests are cooking, cars, computers, and camping.

Joshua Landrum
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2209

While working at Foothills for almost 2 years, I have been in sales going on a year. As I enjoy meeting a wide range of people, my goal in sales is to bring a fun and enjoyable car buying experience! Outside of work, I love to create music and go outdoors.

Justin Roberge
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2233

After growing up in Spokane and being married for 12 years, I have 3 amazing kids. While being with the Foothills family in Sales for 5 years, I enjoy getting to meet new people and help them find the right vehicle. When I'm not working, I prefer to be outside and enjoy playing with my children.

Khanian Charlton
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2216

Though I have been in sales at Foothills for about 1 year, I was born and raised in Spokane, a high-school graduate of 2017, and adore the Spokane area. As I enjoy making connections by meeting new people, I also enjoy skiing, boating, camping, and watching sports.

Maurice Gunn
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2232

While my 25 plus years of sales experience, 2 years at Foothills, I have enjoyed meeting different people and helping them get into an enjoyable vehicle they want. I enjoy helping people, but I love going home for family time and playing ball with my 6yr old EJ. Though my interests are working out, playing ball with my son, and watching the Pittsburg Steelers.

Olijawan "Oli" Smith
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2217

Going on my first year here, the most enjoyable aspect of our sales department is feeling a part of a family. As a family man, I continue to set good examples and uphold my integrity. On my time outside of work, I enjoy time with family, playing sports, general fitness, music, and fashion.

Russ Blough
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2212

With 17 years of sales knowledge, I have provided expert and experiential information to customers and my peers. Though my interests are in bowling and fishing, I am very good at bowling as I have rolled 82 perfect games of 300.

Sean Michels
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2218

Of over 15 years of selling vehicles, I have been with the Foothills family for 9. People here describe me as the "Car Encyclopedia". By owning more vehicles than the number of years I am old, I provide experiential knowledge with my expert knowledge. In my off time from working, I enjoy home improvement. 

Cassie D.
Internet Sales/BDC
(509)324-8200 ext. 2227

Being at Foothills for over a year, I have enjoyed seeing how happy people are with the vehicle they love. When I am not assisting customers, I spend my time enjoying baseball, hockey, history, and the outdoors.

Moriah C.
Internet Sales/BDC
(509)324-8200 ext. 2333

For about 3 years at Foothills, 2 of those years I have been assisting customers with the research and purchases of vehicles. My most enjoyable part would be crushing the sales stereotypical expectations, by being honest, efficiently and effectively providing options and information, and caring about our customers' experiences with us. In my off time, I enjoy wildlife preservation, books, backpacking, and taking on new adventures.



Ken Brown
Parts Manager
(509)324-8200 ext. 2266

Chris Groves
Parts Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2284

Tad Zak
Parts Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2283

Ype Kingma
Parts Consultant
(509)324-8200 ext. 2283


Body Shop

Kris Bucknell
Body Shop Manager & Estimator
(509)324-8200 ext. 2294

Brandon Costa
Body Shop Estimator
(509)324-8200 ext. 2293

Building and repairing cars has been a passion of mine for over 20 years, everything from small cars to large trucks. While car repairs and body work can sometimes come with burdens. I have personally experienced all aspects of this process and strive to help and guide each person through their repairs. When I am not at work, I enjoy raising my kids, bicycling, camping, fishing, along with the handful of cars and trucks I am currently rebuilding, restoring, or modifying, keeping me relevant with new products, repairs, and automotive trends.



Scott Schoonover
Service Manager
(509)324-8200 ext. 2270

Kevin Brickey
Service Assistant Manager
(509)324-8200 ext. 2264

From my 25 years of experience, I have enjoyed visiting with the customers over the years and watching families grow. With 3 years in my current position, I enjoy relating, conversing, and laughing with our customers. When not at work, I enjoy the outdoors, camping, hunting, etc, and mostly enjoy time with my grandchildren.

Jonny Drew
Service Advisor
(509)324-8200 ext. 2266

Tom Harris
Service Advisor
(509)324-8200 ext. 2263

Will Clark
Service Advisor
(509)324-8200 ext. 2262



Dave Simpson
Finance Manager
(509)324-8200 ext. 2222

With over 15 years of experience at Foothills and over 35 years in the car business, I have advised customers with various financing and leasing decisions. I enjoy golf and finish carpentry on my off time. And I am happily married with 2 wonderful children.

Ray Agnew
Finance Manager
(509)324-8200 ext. 2224

While being at Foothills since 2017, I bring over 35 years of experience to your financing and leasing needs. Like many of you, I was born and raised in our local community of Spokane.